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Renewable Members Pages

The following folks have submitted writeups of their renewable energy experience.
  • Lelie Cox and John Lovegrove designed and built this energy efficient rastra home using many recycled materials in Tucson.
  • Larry Hartzke's design considerations for his passive solar home as well as suggested issues for anyone designing such a home.
  • David Nighteagle's design considerations for his earthship home. David designed and built the home and it's renewable energy systems.
  • Thanks to Larry Moore for his presentation on the solar heating and solar domestic hot water systems he is installing in his new home under construction. Since his home is under construction we haven't scheduled a Hands On! tour at this time, but if you have questions for Larry or want to talk with him further about his work you can contact him at l.moore@ix.netcom.com. Thanks, Larry for sharing with the group!
    Here's Larry Moore's slide presentation on the solar domestic hot water system for the new house he is building. Larry found a complete kit he could buy and is installing it himself. He's adapting a kit which was designed for domestic hot water production to heat his house through radiant floor heating(hydronic heating).
  • Bob Laitsch's writeup of his solar domestic hot water design. Bob designed and buillt it himself.
  • Stephanie Wood's presentation on the Passive Solar Principles she followed.
  • Stephanie Wood built a low cost passive solar home in Montana. This article is from "Warm Places" published by the Montana. Dept. of Natural Resources and Conservation. Call Stephanie with questions at 406-599-7387 (she snowbirds from Montana and is here during the cold weather). You can view the entire book in pdf format here.
  • Larry Hartzke's RFP for his planned solar domestic hot water system. Take a look and send him your comments at hartzke@msn.com