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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee was an early product of MCAN’s formation efforts. The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the organization across committee (team) and project boundaries, provide a cohesive M−CAN public face by coordinating media releases, and provide other organization tools such as documentation and accounting conventions. The committee currently includes:

Jodi Foran

Jodi retired to Montezuma County from a career as a System Process Consultant when she designed and installed new business processes for large companies using SAP business systems. She designed business software while employed by Texas Instrumants, Siemens and other corporations.

Jodi has taught at levels from Elementary and High School to University and holds a BS degree in Mathematics and Biology from Purdue University as well as a Masters in General Education from East Texas University.

Jodi is currently Co-President of the League of Women Voters of Montezuma County. When she was Chairman of the Health Care Committee of the League of Women Voters she led a Study of Montezuma County Health Care.

Jodi’s interests in education and health issues have inspired many of her lifes activities including positions such as Johnson City, Tennessee, School Board Member, Gershon Benjamin Art Foundation Board Member and Chair of an Education Foundation. She initiated a Children's Hands On Museum in Johnson City.

Chris Foran

Chris retired to Montezuma County from a 30 year career in Electronic Design in industries from appliances to military and industrial control. He holds a BS in Electonics from the University of Florida and taught electronics in the US Army during 1966-69. His interests include science and technology such as PC related technologies.

Chris and Jodi designed and built their passive solar home here.

The FourCornersCalendars Strategy and membership in the League of Women Voters of Montezuma County (as Newsletter Editor) have filled his time recently.

Chris has followed our Global Warming problem for well over a decade with growing alarm.

Susan Thomas

Susan spent seventeen years in Southwest Colorado working in land use planning, community development and resource management. During that time she worked for tribal, federal and county government as well as several small businesses. In her years in Virginia, Susan was a planner for the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, where she focused on long range and neighborhood planning.

She recently returned to the southwest, and now lives in McElmo Canyon.

Susan holds a B.A. in Political Science/Economics from Duke University and a B.S. in Geography (Land Use Planning) from Northern Arizona University.

Susan is currently working with Southwest Memorial Hospital.

Sue Whitehead

Betty Janes