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M-CAN Logo

Our Values


Encourage cooperation and collaboration with organizations and entities locally and globally to support and promote the vision and goals of Montezuma - CAN.


Educate the Montezuma community at every level on climate change and sustainable issues through an on-going dialogue that includes a diversity of approaches.

Achievable goals/outcome oriented:

Set achievable goals resulting in outcomes that can be measured and observed.


Providing community leadership on sustainable issues while focusing on both short and long term goals. Leading by example.


Fostering a partnership and an exceptional communication process among the steering committee and within the Montezuma community.


Presenting information in a knowledgeable and truthful way with an ongoing commitment to achieving our mission and goals.

Hands on participation:

Engaging the community in exciting, hands-on activities that cultivate long-term sustainable practices.

Celebration of life/achievements:

We value the importance of recognizing and acknowledging all achievements, publicly and privately through regular celebration.

Having joy and celebration as part of our collected and continuous effort toward a more climate friendly future.