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M-CAN Logo

What is M-CAN?

The M-CAN organization was formed in mid 2007 in Montezuma County, Colorado, with the goal of reducing the county's carbon footprint.

Several summer public meetings organized by JoDee Powers captured the region’s ideas and goals. These goals then coalesced into a steering committee which focused on the organization's Vision and Core Values, examined organization options and conducted more public meetings. In a Fall public meeting we presented the video "Kilowatt Ours" and selected the present organization name. That meeting was followed by an early winter meeting featuring presentations on the Cortez Comprehensive Plan, Montezuma County Recycling and the Landfill’s participation in recycling.

During the latter public meeting we organized Green Teams focused on Recycling, Renewable Energy, Community Gardens, Farm to School and Outreach. These teams met in January and February to create their action plans for 2008.

Please join one (or more) of the Green Teams to help us create a Montezuma County and world we can be proud to pass on to our children and grandchildren.