May-June 2009 Newsletter
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Second Annual Verde Fest
—This one by M-CAN—

In the Cortez City Park. Free to All.

Saturday August 15th, 10am - 4pm.
Put it on your calendar !

Come browse the many green and sustainability exhibits and booths,
attend lectures, videos and live demonstrations
enjoy local foods, music
plenty of fun activities for the kids !

Renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, etc.)
Recycling, Natural health, Green building techniques, Alternative vehicles
Organic Agriculture (composting demo)
Green space conservation (Montezuma Land Conservancy)
Local Economics (Agri-tourism, eat local)
Eco products
Konservation Kids (sustainable activities for kids)
Music and food

See for more information and exhibitor's application.

Seeking Exhibitors !!!
Exhibitor fees $25 ($10 non-profits).
Double after July 1.
Download exhibitor application at

Movie Night

A grandfather and 5yr old grandson explore what's happening to the ocean they love in this 90 minute documentary.

      NIIJII Films                 Visit A Sea Change website.

Friday June 12th, Cortez Rec Center, 7pm
In celebration of World Ocean Day (June 6th) and week.
Donations accepted.

Imagine a world without fish !! It may happen soon.

"A Sea Change" is the first documentary on ocean acidification, the underbelly of climate change. Imagine a world without fish: if ocean chemistry continues to change because of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a bottom-up collapse of the sea food chain could result. The film combines the intimate story of a Norwegian family whose life is bound up with the sea with an investigation into the science of ocean acidification.

"A Sea Change" made its world premiere at the DC Environmental Film Festival in March, to a standing-room-only audience at the National Museum of Natural History. Additional screenings include the San Francisco and Seattle film festivals.

What People Are Saying about "A Sea Change"
San Francisco Chronicle: "This film is both a love letter to the planet and an urgent plea to its citizens." - Justin Berton, excerpt from review, 4/17/09

The Washington Post:
"The story that "A Sea Change" tells is urgent, unsettling and desperately in need of understanding and action." - Ann Hornaday, excerpt from review, 3/12/09

M-CAN’s Hands On! Renewable Energy Group

June 10 and June 24 meetings

M-CAN’s Hands On! Renewable Energy Group will hold a meeting June 10, 4:30 – 5:30 pm at the Cortez Library. Larry Hartzke and his wife Nancy McGill have recently built a very energy efficient house. Larry will share with you his design decisions in terms of siting of the house, passive solar considerations, insulation, SIPs, and windows.

Then two weeks later, on June 24 in celebration of summer solstice week the Hands On! Group is invited to tour Larry and Nancy’s home from 5 - 6 p.m. Following a tour of the Hartzke – McGill house, the Group is invited to the home of Chris and Jodi Foran for a potluck supper. Our scheduled meetings over the past six months have not left much time to share common interests, so let's take time to share good food and conversation.

Add both the June 10 and June 24 dates to your calendar now!

LAST CALL for Dolores River Fest Volunteers!

"We are looking for willing and able volunteers to help out at the annual Dolores River Festival to be held on Saturday, June 6 at Joe Rowell Park in Dolores. Volunteers are needed for two....two hour shifts on Saturday beginning at 6:00 am and ending at 10:00pm. We also have shifts scheduled for tear-down on Sunday. Each volunteer will receive free admission to the Festival, a volunteer t-shirt, beverage voucher, snacks and treats plus the great feeling you get when helping out a great cause. As a volunteer you are also invited to the pre-Festival pizza party on Friday, June 5 from 7-8pm. Bring along a friend to volunteer with you and you can both become involved in one of the area's most extraordinary and fun events."

Please contact Kathy Berg at,
970-565-4113 or 970-739-3071.

Attend a County Planning Workshop!

July 9, August 13 or September 10.

The County Commissioners asked the County Planning and Zoning Commission to determine if the present County Comprehensive Plan written in 1997 needs to revised or re-written. To help answer that question, your input is actively sought on the following dates: July 9 – Mancos; August 13 - Dolores; September 10 –Lewis.

The Comprehensive Plan contains the philosophy and guidelines for creating a separate document: Montezuma County Land Use Code which is revised to reflect changes to the Plan.

The first meeting held May 14 was covered by the press and rather dismally attended by participants. Participation does not require extensive knowledge of the present Comprehensive Plan. Attendees break into groups where they were asked to brainstorm on the following questions about Montezuma County :

1. What would you like to see kept or preserved?
2. What would you like to see changed or improved?
3. What are the needs and concerns you would like to see addressed in a revised Comprehensive Plan?

More focused discussion included the following:
1. Defining and maintaining a “rural character”
2. “Mixed uses”
3. Identifying appropriate areas for non-residential uses

You are also encouraged to make a written statement to the P&Z Commission which will be an official document directing their efforts. Email such to Susan Carver, manager of the Planning Department, at .

You can find additional information on the County’s web site, where you can download a copy of the present Comprehensive Plan.

Building Healthy, Prosperous, Communities

Workshop by Dan Burden

Friday June 5TH, Durango Public Library, 1900 East Third Avenue, Durango, CO
Presented by Healthy Lifestyle La Plata, La Plata County & the City of Durango

The Goal of the Workshop is to provide a common vocabulary, understanding and appreciation for building healthy, sustainable, walkable and bikeable communities that encourage smart growth and active living.

Participants will gain:
  1. An understanding of the interconnectivity of streets, sidewalks, and buildings in creating
     walkable and healthy communities
  2. A more in-depth understanding of the policy tools available for effecting change towards building
      healthy blocks,streets, neighborhoods, parks, and schools
  3. A clear understanding of the principles of walkable/bikeable communities
  4. An understanding of the form and varietyof walkable/bikeable communities
  5. The ability to conduct our own walking/ biking audits in our community
  6. An understanding of how a diverse group might collaborate on projects to set achievable goals to get projects on the ground

Dan Burden is a nationally recognized authority on bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs, livable communities, healthy streets, traffic calming, and other design and planning elements that affect roadway environments. Time Magazine recently listed Dan as “one of the six most important civic innovators in the world.” The Transportation Research Board (National Academy of Sciences) honored Dan by making him their Distinguished Lecturer in 2001, the national Smart Growth Coalition awarded Dan its first “Lifetime Achievement Award and the League of American Bicyclists lists Dan as “one of the 25 most significant leaders in bicycling for the past 100 years”.

Workshop Sessions

Town Making Patterns & Principles Workshop:

Transportation & Land Use This session will provide participants with an introduction to the topics of Sustainability, Smart Growth, and Healthy Communities. Participants will have a clear understanding of how suburban, light density, and poorly connected streets have led to growing financial and sustainability problems. They will understand the importance of new types of zoning, urban forms, urban mixes, higher density, and greater diversity in land uses. This section provides an optimistic view of how to achieve sustainable future land uses by working towards time honored principles in town form and placemaking. The importance of interactive neighborhoods and active living will be stressed.

Healthy Street Making Principles:
Traffic & Transportation Elements Workshop:

Participants will discuss context sensitive solutions, transportation design for livable communities, safety issues, street layout, low auto dependence patterns, appropriate speed, capacity, and traffic volumes. This session explores all tools and options for healthy roadway and street types. This includes a discussion of street dimensions, traffic calming, main streets, on-street parking, emergency responders, and other features leading toward successful movement of people and goods, all while creating great places to live, work and play.

Placemaking & Social Exchange Workshop:

This session will provide participants with an understanding of principles and practices of walkability, bikeability, livability, neighborhood size and scale, building form, density, security by design, open space management, Green Certified building, and mixed use development. This section also explores the role of beauty and aesthetics in creating healthy, harmonious, successful places. Sidewalks, walkways, streetscaping, trees, ADA compliance, lighting and other physical treatments will be illustrated. And how to put it all together for southwest Colorado communities!

To Register, please fill out form below and mail along with a check made out to
HLLP/SUCAP (sorry, no cash or credit cards accepted)
Cost: $30 per person (includes light b-fast, lunch, snacks and all materials)
Number of Registrants:________________
Total Cost:___________________________

Send to:
HLLP c/o J. Justice
828 E. 5th Ave
Durango, CO 81301
Please contact Jeanine at for more information on the workshop.

Sierra Club
Phone and Web Cool Cities Workshop

Thursday, June 4th at 6:00 pm MST

Received from Jenny Kedward, Rocky Mountain Chapter Chair of the Sierra Club and contributed by an M-CAN member.

"I'm writing to invite you to join me on a special phone and web Cool Cities workshop. This Home Energy Solutions workshop will teach you how to save money on your energy bills and cut down on your carbon footprint. We will also discuss some fun ways to organize your community to be more energy conscious. I hope you can make it, as I look forward to meeting you all on the call.

Click here to RSVP to the event below and participate in the workshop:

Web Training: Energy Solutions For Your Home

WHO: You, your friends, and like-minded people who want to get involved.
WHAT: Attend a training in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills over the phone and internet.
WHEN: Thursday, June 4th at 6:00 pm MST
WHERE: On the phone and on the web! Follow these two steps to participate:
1) Download the presentation so you can follow along during the call. You will receive this after you RSVP.
2) Call 1-866-501-6174 and dial 2230705# when prompted.

QUESTIONS: Contact 303-454-3365 or email

Please RSVP if you will be joining this training. Click here to sign up:

Talk to you then,

Jenny Kedward, Rocky Mountain Chapter Chair
Sierra Club, CO

Sierra Club
85 Second St.
San Francisco, CA 94105"