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2010  3rd Annual  Verde Fest

—By M-CAN—
Saturday August 21
Cortez City Park !

It was bigger and better than 2009

  • More than 1300 folks attended
  • 38 Exhibitors
  • 6 Speakers
  • 2 Food Vendors
  • 5 Children's Activities plus the Solar Roller
  • 4 Bands
  • 100% Biodegradable Food Containers

Dancin’ to the Band

Solar Roller

Empire Electric sponsored the Durango Discovery Museum´s Solar Roller at Verde Fest. The Solar Roller is a mobile discovery center and power plant on wheels... a collection of "Interactive Energy Literacy Exhibits". Kids and adults alike enjoyed this collection of sustainable power demonstrations.

Joel Glanzberg

Joel Glanzberg of Regenesis Group, author and educator in the area of permaculture and ecological restoration, conducted a 1/2 day permaculture workshop with a focus on water harvesting on Friday morning, August 20th. It was a well attended hands-on workshop where swales were built and trees planted in them. Many in attendance said it was the best workshop they had ever attended.
Joel also gave a free introductory talk on permaculture the Thursday evening prior to the workshop at the Mancos Public Library.
Read more about Joel and Regenesis at www.regenesisgroup.com.


Four Corners Segway and 3D Hydronic Contracting provided several working Segways. Here, Eric Walker of 3D Hydronic Contracting demonstrate and explain Dean Kamen's great electric personal transportation invention.

Tesla Roadster and Plug-In Prius

This Tesla all-electric sports car, designed and built by the new American company, Tesla, was kindly loaned to Verde Fest by Mr. Christoph Henkel, owner of the Dunton Hot Springs resort.

With 288 peak horsepower and 295 lbs-ft of instant torque in a 2723lb carbon fiber Lotus designed chassis, the car goes from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds. It has an EPA range of 245 miles and gasoline equivalent efficiency of 120 mpg.

The plug-in Prius conversion was provided by Love Bug Motors (lovebugmotors.net)of Durango.

Click here to see many more pictures from the 2010 Verde Fest.

  • Ballantine Family Fund
  • City of Cortez
  • Dolores State Bank
  • Ecosphere Environmental Services
  • Empire Electric Cooperative
  • Four States Tire
  • Fraley & Co.
  • First National Bank, Cortez
  • KSJD − Dryland Community Radio
  • Let It Grow Nursery and Garden Mkt.
  • Mancos Valley Bank
  • Osprey Packs
  • Skanska
  • Southwest Seed
  • Steve Keetch Motors
  • Tom Ervin Insurance
  • Triad Construction
  • Vectra Bank

  •  Exhibitors:  

  • Swallow´s Nest Natural Building
  • Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency
  • Counter Kulture Concrete Studio
  • Mesa Verde Museum Assoc.
  • Durango Compost Company
  • Mesa Verde Country
  • Southwest Solar Ovens
  • Encantos skin care products
  • Cliffrose High Desert Gardens
  • Singing River Farms
  • Montezuma Land Conservancy
  • Let It Grow
  • Sunland Renewable Energy Systems, LLC
  • The Heart Path
  • Simplexity Health
  • Bland Solar Solutions
  • Colorado Peace Ride
  • Cortez Retail Enhancement
  • Economy Nissan
  • Aramark
  • Four Corners Recycling Initiative
  • Multi−Pure Corp. Drinking Water Systems
  • KSJD − Dry Land Community Radio in Cortez
  • Southwest Seed
  • Four States Tire
  • Dolores Conservation District
  • Steve Keetch Motors
  • Four Corners Navajo−Churro Breeders
  • Solar Today & Tomorrow
  • Four Corners Builders Association
  • Southwest Open School Minds in Motion program
  • Hanson Handcrafted Finishes/Handcrafted House
  • 3D Hydronic Contracting

  • A sustainable, regenerative community is one that preserves and restores the integrity of its natural environment, nurtures healthy human and other living systems, and maintains a vital self−reliant economy, generation after generation. A sustainable, regenerative community meets the basic needs of all people, including the needs for food, water, shelter, health, safety, autonomy, connectedness, and meaning.